September 06 2016 0Comment

Brandmeester Bruiloft (Fireman Wedding)

You may remember the Brandmeester Food Truck that Hans took pictures of previously, (I raved about the brownies…), well this is the wedding from the man behind the Brandmeester! This delightful day was by far, the calmest wedding day I’ve ever been apart of. The couple was at ease, anxious, yet still, soaking up every bit of their gorgeous wedding day. It began by Matthias picking up his bride in his token Brandmeester food truck. They then drove to the Lichtfabriek for a delicious meal with close family and friends. They then proceeded to take precious photos around the quaint city of Gouda. After their official ceremony in the church, (which included an after snack of his famous brownies), they moved back to the Lichtfabriek for a closing party with friends and family. Both families had surprises waiting for the couple when they arrived, including a dramatic play and reading from various family members. Although it was a jam packed day, I’ll say it again, the calmness the couple brought with them, made it seem like a dream.